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Entanglements:  The lengths of despair 07-25-2012

Sorry for not updating for a while, we are now in my busiest season for commissions.  Long wigs come with strings attached.  Did I say strings?  I meant knots.  My darling sister (who may never have worn a wig in her life) called me one day.

My Sister: “I need an eight foot long wig.” 
Me:  “No, you don’t.”
Her:  “Yes I do, it’s for Winnowill.”
Me:  “I know what it’s for.  Trust me, no you don’t.”

I explained to her that a wig that long will tangle before it’s out of the package and she will spend hours combing it trying to stop it from becoming a giant knot.  She would not be swayed, so I took two wigs and combined them.  Total final length was 78”-81”.  Not as long as we were hoping for, but longer than what was out there. 
I packaged it up, sent it over to her with a wig cap and an evil smile.  Last I heard of the wig she was combing… but she loves the wig.


Photo Safari:  Adventures in photo finding 05-15-2012

Today we bring you the rare Godiva 60” wig by Sepia.  There are lots of photos of “costume” quality Godiva wigs online.  I’ve failed to find a photo of the smooth and well distributed Godiva 60” by Sepia.  I had the talented Megan Smith tackle capturing it on film.  During that particular session she not only captured the Godiva, but also the Epic Geisha (which is even longer with the fan of hair).

The safari isn’t over yet.  Moving forward I’m searching for great pictures of cosplayers wearing wigs they got from my store or styled by me.  I look forward to the adventure, and I hope you’ll come with me by looking at the photos and contributing some of your own.